Our next gathering will be held on the 11'th of January 2020

yes! January 2020, we are coming back to rock London once again :)

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Of Life


The amazing private gathering from Finland has taken the next step. we love psytrance and we love to promote the new and talented artists from around the globe. we are all one and we're here to celebrate our life with you, to share the happiness with you. 

n Hapiness




Pootis, a.k.a. Pasi Pajumäki, comes from Helsinki, Finland. He was born in 1989. Despite wide experimentation in his youth, he never quite found a musical home – that is, until the fall of 2015, when he decided to dig into the wonders of mixing. The search was over. In November of the same year, Pootis started practicing in earnest with a new friend who was also getting started with DJing at the time. Mutual encouragement helped keep them both excited about playing. The fruit of that excitement is Rude Tune Crew, a DJ collective they have founded.


Diligent practice quickly bore results, and despite being nervous, Pootis nailed his first shows and was cheered on by both friends and colleagues. It was fuel to an already bright fire, and he rushed on toward new experiences. Some highlights for him in 2016 were playing at the afterparty of Avalon's and Laughing Buddha's show and in a minimal techno event starring Daniel Portman, whereas in 2017, he stepped on stage after Infected Mushroom and before Ace Ventura and Vini Vici in Tampere's largest indoor venue and later in December as a support for Droplex and Patrik Söderbom. In addition to these breathtaking moments, he has played in some smaller psytrance festivals and numerous club shows. Other mentions: support dj for Skazi in turku 2018, support for Juan Verdera in Israel 2018.    Pootis seems to be showered with as many shows as he can play. Besides being a warm person and very entertaining company, his assets include catchingly energetic stage presence as well as a wide genre repertoire from psytrance to minimal techno, jungle, and liquid drum and bass. What inspires Pootis to keep playing and developing is the audience: it is rewarding to see people dance with smiles on their faces. In both playing and organizing parties, the audience is his priority. His philosophy is to throw the funniest nights possible at the lowest possible expense.    Pootis constantly gains more experience of organizing events in the DJ collective Rude Tune Crew. The crew is a hot issue in its hometown Tampere. They hold events of an ever widening array of theme concepts and genres: from regular Thursday bashes to unique, thoughtfully designed party experiences like the Techtonic techno nights. The growing band of DJs, constantly bringing forth all sorts of fresh, intriguing, and bold sounds, RTC is a proper cornucopia of talent, passion, and awesome personalities; a perfect place for someone like Pootis to fit in and feel at home.  In summer 2018 Pootis was enlisted to CLH Records label



Born in Bangladesh. Came to UK for higher study & found this crazy, energetic & happy music in 2010 from London. Never felt so much deeper connection with any other music before & since then trying to involve to this psychedelic scene. Long way to go & so much creativity is waiting to explore in future. This journey with music will be colourful & diverse of course keeping the psychedelic tune pure in it :) Lets bring music to life & enjoy it :)


Maniac has an unique style of playing his sets. he loves to mix Bangla folk songs with psytrance. he calls it 'Bangladelic'.



My first touch to the scene was at the age of 12 when I started listening to a wide range of electronic music. A year after that my friend loaned me two CD:s with psychedelic trance and after first hesitating I ended up loving it. On my 15th birthday I visited a psy-party for the first time. Little by little, growing more into the psychedelic scene the idea of not just receiving but sharing the experiences by being a DJ or through making music started to interest me. At the age of 23 I really started to invest to the lifestyle by buying music and practising mixing it. Throughout these years the love for the music grew and took me all around Europe to various festivals. For a few years I was preparing myself to perform and finally in 2015 I had enough courage to have my first gig. After this my passion to give more to the scene has been growing and being part of the psy-culture has inspired me not only to do music but working as an event organiser and doing psychedelic art and decoration. Through the psy-scene I feel I have found the people with whom I can create, be inspired and share everything; my psy-family.


In Finland, Mirrorskip is a known name among the psytrance community. his unconditional love and support for the community is well appreciated everywhere.


Say hello to Mirrorskip



Psytrance is running in the blood! Tigro has grown a massive interest in psytrance from an early age. very soon he got involve with djing and now he is producing too. very soon his tracks will be released under CLH records.


Tigro has teamed up with some well known producers and some amazing fresh tunes are on the way soon.

Fraktaali Rapsake


Ladies, gentlemen, elves, gnomes, aliens and our mandatory lizard overlords. Next up on the main stage, beamed straight down from one of the many motherships currently orbiting the planet, the interdimensional psytrance DJ, FRAKTAALI RAPALA!

There is not much official information available about this secretive earthling. All that we know is that he has popped up to many great parties around the globe lately and has been delivering absurdly delicious and snappy twisted twilight sets every single time he has been allowed anywhere near the musical cockpit!

No media known to mankind has been able to capture any of it so far and many have tried. This is simply something that you have to come and experience yourself.


Say hello to Fraktaali Rapsake



CLH records latest recruit!

Viima aka Jarno Ketola from Tampere, Finland. It was after Metsäfestival 2010 where he fell in love with the psytrance music. After that he got his first DAW and started making his own beats.
Years go by as he slowly learned to make many kind of music styles by trial and error.
2017 he came up with the psytrance project Viima.


First time Shanto heard psytrance, he absolutely fall in love with the genre. He started as a raver in the scene and started to DJ for the first time in psypirate event. Shanto loves mixing and now he has grown his interest in production. 


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